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Join A Team

Volunteers are integral to our organization.

Below you will find a list of volunteer opportunities that are typically available. If you find one of interest, complete the application form below.

Volunteer Opportunities Available

  • Hospitality Team

    At Bethany, we value connecting authentically with one another. We want to make others feel welcomed and known, creating a comfortable space for conversation and connection.

    Team members use their gifts of hospitality to share God’s amazing love with everyone who enters our building and inspire them to follow Jesus.

    • Greeters and Ushers: Warmly greet and guide guests at the doors, in the hallways, and in our worship spaces, helping them to feel welcomed and valued.
    • Connection Center: Welcome first-time guests, help answer questions, guide families, and provide drinks and snacks in a neat, well-presented area.
    • Communion and Offering Servers: Assist within the worship setting as needed to serve Communion or facilitate offering.
  • Music & Worship Arts

    The goal for music and worship arts at Bethany is to create an environment that allows everyone to receive and praise God in their own individual way. “Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God.” Leo Buscaglia

    • Media Team
      • The Media Team offers multiple ways to serve. Sound, Light, Camera, and Visual Technicians serve behind the scenes to create an environment where people can worship freely without distraction. Apart from running sound, there are no qualifications to fill a media booth position.
    • Worship Band
      • The Worship Band includes, but is not limited to, piano, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, lead guitar, drums and keys. All contemporary worship music is played using chord charts. All levels of musicians are welcome to audition.
    • Worship Singers
      • Singers are encouraged to seek out worship team opportunities by first joining one of our seasonal choirs (Christmas & Easter).
    • Celebration Choir
      • The Celebration Choir is for ALL singers and if the spirit says move, even non-singers. We celebrate in fellowship for about six weeks before Christmas and Easter. The music is always fun and easy, and the fellowship is worth coming back the next week. If you’re curious, the Celebration Choir is an AWESOME way to get your foot in the door and meet new people!
    • Piano Accompanist
      • Play piano? Contact us for an audition. We will add you to a players list, in which you could be called on to play for traditional services, weddings, funerals and/or special events.
  • Care and Wellness Opportunities

    Do you have a heart for those who are lonely, hurt, sick or broken hearted?

    This ministry team shares God’s love through providing connection, prayer, and spiritual encouragement to people in our congregation and community. “We were glad to share not only God’s good news with you but also our lives because we cared for you so much.” 1 Thessalonians 2:8

    VISITS MINISTRY: Provide connection, prayer, and commuion to our Bethany family members when they are homebound or hospitalized.

    • Home Visitors visit 1-2 times per with their assigned person
    • Hospital Visitors serve twice a month

    PRAYER MINISTRY: Prayer ministers serve in a variety of areas.

    • Daily Prayer Team – receive the daily prayer request email and pray over names listed
    • Prayer Ministers – pray in person with individuals during regular Sunday worship services and special occasion services (Blue Christmas, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday)
    • Prayer Follow-up Team – make phone clls to individuals who have shared a prayer reuqest and pray with them over the phone
    • Card Ministry Team – write encouraging notes to individuals who have submitted a prayer request
    • Mission Trip Prayer Partner – will be assigned to a mission trip participant to pray with and for their person before and during the trip
    • Healing Prayer Team – join a team as needed to pray in person over an individual who is experiencing severe health issues

    GRIEF MINISTRY: Supporting those who have experienced the death of a loved one.

    • Care Calls – make calls to individuals who have experienced a death of a loved one, offering a listening ear and space to grieve
    • GriefShare Facilitator – lead or support GriefShare programs that include:
      • GriefShare – 12 weeks
      • Loss of a Spouse Workshop
      • Surviving the Holidays Workshop
  • Kid Ministry Serving Opportunities

    Faith formation is the exciting ministry of growing closer with God and each other. It’s exploring what the Bible means for us today and how to live out our faith in Jesus Christ.

    There are many opportunities to serve kids at Bethany:

    • Nursery caregivers and worship bag organization
    • Year-round behind the scenes such as supply prep, admin support, hospitality, phone calls
    • Classroom leaders and helpers
    • Large group cast and crew
    • Technical help
    • And more!
  • Student Ministry Serving Opportunities

    Faith formation is the exciting ministry of growing closer with God and each other. It’s exploring what the Bible means for us today and how to live out our faith in Jesus Christ.

    There are many ways to serve students at Bethany:

    • Middle School small group leader
    • Middle School large group leader
    • High School small group leader
    • High School large group leader
    • Mission Trip leader or helper
    • And more!
  • Adult Ministry - Small Group Leader

    Bethany’s small groups meet regularly to help members get connected to God and one another. It’s a place of encouragement through life’s ups and downs. Each group has a leader and eventually one or more co-leaders. Co-leaders serve as substitutes, help share responsibility and train for leadership opportunities of their own. As a group leader, you don’t need to know everything, but you need to be willing to model moving forward in faith and helping your group members to do the same.

  • Security Team

    Bethany has established a security team for the safety of our congregation. This team consists of uniformed officers present at services. There are also volunteer members from the congregation that serve on this team.