myBethany Guide


This quick start guide for using myBethany offers some useful tips and links to key help videos and articles.  myBethany is a hosted solution provided by Church Community Builder (CCB.)  A majority of the information provided below is directly from the CCB website or links to their extensive database of help articles and videos.  If you have any questions that are not answered here please feel free to contact the church office.  Please take some time to go through this to both familiarize yourself with myBethany, provide updated information and explore online giving or new ministries at Bethany.

Whitelist myBethany CCB e-mail

To make sure you receive all communication from myBethany (CCB), add all communication from the domain to your safe senders list in your email provider.  Click here for instructions and help for how to do this for various email providers.

Update Your Settings

There are 3 main areas of your overall settings in myBethany that you may want to change or verify. Help Video

  1. Change your Password
  2. Change your Communication Preferences (Article): Make sure to add your mobile number and carrier so group leaders can send important, last minute notifications to the entire group. We recommend selecting “Send me emails from group participants” (Required for group leaders to communicate with the group) and “Send me text messages from group leaders” for all groups while the other selections are optional based on the group.
  3. Change your Privacy Settings (Article): Share as much information with others as you are comfortable with. By default your address, contact phone, and home phone number are visible to other church members.

Update Your Profile

  1. Profile Picture: You may already have a profile picture in the system. If you do want to change it, please use a profile picture that allows other people to quickly recognize you. This greatly helps the online community and the functionality of the teams. You can always add links to your facebook page in your profile to express yourself in other ways.
  2. Profile Information (Video): myBethany allows you to update all your contact information for the church, eliminating the need to for church staff to re-enter information you provide. Keeping all information accurate will greatly help the church staff and ensure we have an up-to-date church directory.
  3. Social Media Links: If you are on social media be sure to edit the "Social" tab of your profile to include your social media links on your profile page for other members to easily locate you on social media. Here you can include links for Twitter, Facebook. LinkedIn, your blog and a number of other online and social media links.
  4. Email: myBethany allows only 1 email for all communication.  In many cases Bethany had multiple e-mail addresses for members; therefore please ensure your e-mail is set to an address you check regularly and would like to receive messages and notifications from the church on.  For those who use Facebook more than your regular email, you can set your email to your Facebook email (Help).
  5. My Fit (Video Article): The "My Fit" section of your profile allows you to share your Spiritual Gifts, Passions and Abilities with Bethany leaders.  This enables Bethany leaders to help pair you with ministry opportunities that fit your unique passions, skills and gifts and also helps you discover new ways to serve.  After you've completed this section you can explore new serving opportunities by clicking "more" and selecting "positions" and then "My best matches" to see ministry positions sorted by best match on your unique combination of skills, gifts and passions.  Not sure what your spiritual gifts are? Take our online Spiritual Gift Inventory.

Setup Online Giving (Video)

myBethany allows you to give directly to Bethany through the myBethany online giving either by setting up an ACH transaction through your checking account or by using a credit/debit card. This can be done for both one-time gifts and recurring gifts. The recurring gifts allow you to directly manage them in your myBethany account without needing to send in a new form or call the church office. Setting up a gift with a checking account is the best way to maximize your gift to the church or ministry as credit card fees can reduce the impact of your gift by up to 3%.  Please note that if you give to both the capital campaign and general fund you will need to setup a repeating gift for each.

Manage your Volunteer Schedule

Setting your preferences early in myBethany will help Bethany leaders as we begin to use myBethany for volunteer scheduling and helping Bethany members discover new service opportunities.

  1. Blocking out Dates (Video): Make sure to block out dates when you are going to be out of town or have prior commitments that will not allow you to serve for particular dates.
  2. Set your General Availability (Video | Article): Remember to set the overall number of times you are willing to serve and the number of times for each group.  Please note that myBethany will not allow us to schedule past your maximum number of serving times per month so please carefully evaluate this setting.
  3. Discover Serving Opportunties (Video Article): Take a moment to explore new opportunities to serve that match your unique combination of gifts, skills and passions.
  4. Accept or Decline your Assignments (Video | Article): Make sure to quickly accept or decline your assignments. Note that some teams may expect you to find your own replacement and then inform the team leader when you decline.
  5. Viewing your Assignments (Video | Article): Once you get to your schedule page, you may want to bookmark the page so it is easy to go directly to your schedule (most browsers have a “Bookmarks” menu with commands to bookmark the current page).