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From the creators of Men's Fraternity, 33 the Series was designed to inspire and equip men to pursue Authentic Manhood as modeled by Jesus Christ in the 33 years he lived on earth.   

Volume 3: September 28-Nov 9

33 The Series: A man and His Traps challenges and equips men to go below the surface, to look deep into their hearts and explore some areas that are all too easy to ignore but that are critical in their journey toward Authentic Manhood. It introduces a framework and a process that will help men understand what lies behind the manhood traps and beneath the heart idols that can distract them from the truth and the power of the Gospel. 

Then it unfolds a biblical battle plan that helps men replace specific temptations and struggles with God's better promises. It deals head-on with issues that all of us as men can relate to like sexual lust, the need for control, unfounded fear and the pursuit of significance.  


Volume 4: November 16 – Jan 4

33 The Series: A man and His Work:  Work and career play a major role in the life of every man. This volume of 33 The Series begins by recognizing the obstacles and tensions that men can experience in their work-lives and then unfolds a process that helps men move beyond the conventional perspective of work that can lead to dead ends and frustration. It leads them to a bigger, biblical vision of work that goes back to God's original intentions.   


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