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Kaya Children International Transitions Out of Bolivia

Kaya Children International announced this week they will be transitioning out of Bolivia.  Kaya has been making a difference in the lives of children for 19 years and Bethany has supported Kaya for many of those years.  Bethany has sponsored many mission trips, promoted child sponsorships, built a residential home, and more.  We are saddened by this news and continue to pray for the children who will be placed elsewhere.  Thank you to all the supporters of the Kaya children through the many years.  Your support has made a difference in the lives of those children.  We celebrate Dr. Chi’s important work and everyone who helped make Kaya impactful.  Please continue to pray for the Kaya board, staff, and children as they implement the transition in the next few months.  If you have questions please contact Kaya Board Member, Rod Anderson at (402) 250-4901.


Daniel & Marcos
The road leading to "El Puente"
Coroico overlooking the valley where "El Puente" is located
El Puente

Subject: Kaya Children International - Announcement July 19, 2016

Dear Kaya supporters,

It has been our true honor to serve the children of Bolivia for the last 19 years. Thank you to each person who has made this possible. Over the last weeks, the Kaya Children International Board of Directors has been evaluating the current situation in Bolivia. After speaking to experts, considering all options, and much prayer, the Kaya Board has decided to transition out of Bolivia.

We are thankful for each child we were able to serve and believe in the investment we have made in their lives, in the city of La Paz, and in the future of Bolivia. Through Kaya’s programs, we have been able to walk alongside these children, helping them to understand their true value and feel the love of God. In this very imperfect world, we have made a difference.

However, due to the current political environment, it is no longer feasible to continue working in Bolivia. It would take an unpredictable, costly 12-18-month process to re-open Kaya’s Residential Program. Even if we were able to reopen the Residential Program, all of Kaya’s programs would remain very vulnerable to the changing government protocols.

As we move forward in this transition out of Bolivia, we are committed to:

  • Honoring the investments we made in each child
  • Doing everything in our power to fulfill the commitments we made to each child
  • A transparent process

There are still Kaya programs open and actively serving children and their families. The way we transition out of Bolivia will make a difference to these children. Our goal is to transition with integrity, doing whatever we can for the children and staff of Kaya in Bolivia. The best transition possible would include:

  • Continuing the Kaya Center Prevention Programs through as close to the end of the school year in November as possible to allow for a smooth transition for the families and children. 
  • Supporting two Kaya graduates in their last year of college.
  • Helping some of Kaya’s first children, who are now in the Transition-to-Independence Program, by providing them with an apartment and food over the coming year, which will allow them the time to transition successfully to full independence.
  • Paying the staff severance in Bolivia that is owed by Bolivian law

To implement the plan above, we need your help. With your support, we can still make a difference in the lives of the children we love. In the coming days, we will be sharing a more detailed transition plan. In total, the best possible transition plan will cost $85,000. We ask you to pray and consider how you can support Kaya as we strive to do what is best for the people whose lives will be impacted.

Donations can be made online at: www.kayachildren.org/donate or mail a check to: P.O. Box 337, Lincoln, MA 01773.


Kaya Children International Board of Directors

  • Anne King, Chair
  • Juan Carlos Ferrufino, Vice Chair
  • Brad Stayton, Clerk
  • Brian Vallimont, Treasurer
  • Rod Anderson
  • Jessica Barnes
  • John Eggen

P.S. Children in Bolivian state care usually only spend a limited amount of time there. The children who were in Kaya’s Residential Program are now being placed in different residential programs or with their biological families. If you sponsor a child in Kaya’s Residential Program, we now know where many of the children are living. Please contact Katie Harris at kharris@kayachildren.org or (805) 821-1837 for more information on the child you sponsor.


Subject: Kaya Children International - Announcement June 9, 2016

Dear Kaya supporters,

We are saddened to inform you that on June 6th,  the 30 children in Kaya’s Residential Program were moved into state care.  During an inspection, Bolivian social services found a baby in Kaya’s care was not residing in Kaya’s Girls’ Residential Home. Instead, the baby was being well cared for in a former Kaya staff member’s home. The decision for the baby to live with this staff member was well-intentioned so that she could receive the individualized care she needed.   However, the baby living outside of Kaya’s Girls’ Residential Home was a social services violation. Social services filed a report, and on June 6th, a judge instructed that all children be removed from Kaya’s Residential Homes.

Kaya is now in the process of regaining custody of the children.  An investigation into the incident must be concluded before we can file for renewed custody.  

Our employees remain active, as our housing must remain fully operational so that the children can return to their Kaya home, and their loving caregivers, as soon as possible.  In addition, the Kaya Center remains open, and services to children and families in this program continue.

The Kaya Board of Directors is doing everything in our power to resolve these issues as quickly as possible. Our first priority is to bring each child back to Kaya. We will keep you informed. If you have any questions or concerns, please call Kaya’s office at 617-207-5438.

In nineteen years of serving street children, we have never experienced a situation like this.   We are so grateful for your continuing support. 

Thank you for standing with us in this difficult time. We are faithful and know that God prevails in all things.


Anne King

Kaya Children International Chairperson 

Want to get involved? Have questions? Contact Devanee Auel