Adult Education

Oasis Adults | Step by Step Through the Old Testament

Oasis Adult Bible Study: Step by Step Through the Old Testament

Join Pastor Lee in learning how to read the Old Testament, examine the political entities already in Palestine, the physical makeup of the land, and other background information. Walk away each week with a deeper understanding of the Old Testament and tools to read the Bible more productively.

Men's Bible Study

Join us as we seek to apply God's extraordinary Word in our ordinary lives.  These topical and biblical studies are designed to help men understand God's Word and apply it to their daily lives.  Whether your faith journey is just beginning, or if you've been on the journey for many years, we welcome you.  All men of Bethany, men from the community, and visitors are invited. 


Bethany is committed to helping people grow in their faith by providing varied and engaging opportunities for individuals at every stage of their faith walk.  Several options are available throughout the week. 

We invite all members and visitors, not only to participate in adult learning opportunities, but also to share ideas and suggestions for future classes. 

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