Pastoral Care

At Bethany we believe that we are all on a journey through life together.  We come together in worship to celebrate Christ’s presence in that journey, are guided in our journey through God’s Word and sustained through participating together and experiencing Christ’s presence in the sacraments.  We also recognize that all too often our journeys take unexpected turns or find abrupt endings.  The promise we find in Christ is that we do not travel on this journey alone.  At Bethany our goal is to be mutually supporting and encouraging during these times in life and are here to walk that journey with you.

Our staff and volunteer ministry teams are here to support you through your life journey.  Whether you are celebrating the joy of a child, mourning a loss, seeking understanding, finding comfort or struggling through life we want to join you in your journey.  Please feel free to contact any of Bethany’s staff for care, support and encouragement for life’s journey.