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Sunday with the Kaya Boys

After a good night sleep we woke up and got ready for another day with the boys from the homes. We started our day with church and in true Bolivian fashion we arrived late to church and we ready to sit back and listen to the church service in spanish. What a great surprise when a guest came to speck to the church from New York, the sermon was given in both English and Spanish. I do have to thank Pastor John and Larry for keeping their sermons short because today the guest Pastor 's sermon was on 7 different points covering Genisis 26. A good sermon just a little long.

Our Day at the Kaya Homes

It's been a long day today, some might even feel like it was two! After our arrival and rest we headed up to the Kaya residential homes for lunch and activities this afternoon. The first surprise of the trip was that our lunch was prepared by Isreal. Isreal is a young man living in our independence program who has been with us for about 7 years and is studying to be a chef. He cooked Pique Macho for us today, which is a traditional Bolivian dish and it was fantastic!

We are here!

Everyone arrived safely this morning in La Paz. We had incredibly smooth travel, actually probably the smoothest trip to Bolivia I've ever had. Here are a few ways we felt prayer on our way here.
1) Our connecting flight from Chicago to Miami was 46 minutes delayed because they had no flight crew, which wasn't good since our layover in Miami to catch our flight to Bolivia was only 45 minutes. Another flight crew came in, left without incident.

The Journey Begins!

The Kaya team journey has officially begun. We are checked in, through security and waiting at the airport for our 2:35 flight out of Omaha headed to La Paz tomorrow and will arrive at about 4:30 Central Time via Chicago and Miami. Please continue to pray for safe and smooth travel for our team there.

2012 Kaya Trip - Prayer Requests!

Our 2012 Kaya Trip is just a day away. In about 24 hours we will be leaving for Bolivia and enjoying the pleasure of about 18 hours worth of travel. So pray for our travel. Our trip will have highs and lows and some joys and challenges. As 17 people come together to share life and spend our days together in a foreign country there are sure to be moments that strengthen and test relationships. So pray for patience, grace, generosity and trust. Many will meet for the first time children who have lived very different lives than most of us would even imagine.


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