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Kaya Center Visit

Today our team headed to the Kaya Center for the day. The Kaya Center serves about 100 children every day of the week. Of these 80, 24 are the residential children in the Kaya homes. The remaining 75 children come from surrounding communities and are children at very high risk of street life. Most of the children at the Kaya Center were not attending school and either left at home while their parent works (yes, usually a single parent) or they work on the streets with their parents during the day.

Kaya Day 3: Street visits and a visit to an old friend.

After a long... long day I'm glad to bring a great blog post from team member Rod Anderson. As usual there are some videos and pictures that follow.

Kaya Day 2: Worship, Horses and Rugby

We started today by worshiping together with our Kaya friends at Karios. The music there was fantastic and engaging and the sermon was about being made a new creation in Christ. The team loved our worship time together... despite the worship service being 2.5 hours, and that was with us leaving early. It was a blessing to meet Esmeralda at church, a 3 1/2 year old girl who has become a part of the Kaya family. Esmeralda captured my heart today and I just really wish Kaya had a home for her. I'm very pleased to know our director, Ximena, has taken her into her own home...

Meeting the Kaya Family

Meeting the Kaya Family
Today the team landed in La Paz about about 5:30am local time (4:30am in Omaha.) After a long night of "sleeping" in the plan we got our bags, made it through immigration and customs and made it to Hotel Calacoto. As we checked in the team got some breakfast and then a few hours of rest before heading up to the Kaya homes.

The Journey Begins!

The journey for our 2013 Kaya Team began months ago as we spent time together learning about each other and learning about our ministry partners in Bolivia. Today the physical journey begins. In typical fashion, we begin by hurrying up and waiting with our first of three flights delayed. We have plenty of layover time, but as Rod said, "There's nothing like being delayed in your home airport."

VBS Pictures

We had an amazing week of VBS here at Bethany! Over the past five day's we've gone deeper in our understanding of the Lord's Prayer through stories, crafts, activities and challenges! Below are links to pictures from each day of VBS.  Be sure to click "Read More" to see all the pictures!

Day 1

Tiwanaku and Calauma

Yesterday was our last day visiting the boys of the Kaya family. We had two different activities planned for the day. Most of the group (13) went with almost 100 kids to Tiwanaku ( The other four of us, myself, Scott, Lynn, Lee went to Calauma, a juvenile prision here where two children (Carlos and Adolfo) Kaya has worked with in the past are living. The plan was to go there and then meet the rest of the group in Tiwanaku.

Full Circle

Today was an emotional day for me, as anyone on our team would confirm. It wasn't the start of the day, but the end. Really today would have given anyone a full view of what Kaya does. From walking the streets of El Alto to celebrating Daniel graduating and leaving the home to begin his independent life. It's no small transition. For me the day was emotion because of the incredible pride I have in Daniel's life. Not pride over anything I've done, but simply proud of the responsible, honest, caring and faithful young man that Daniel has become.

The Kaya Families

Yesterday was the day were we were able to meet many of the Kaya families; the places where our children come from for both the residential program and the Kaya Center. The families Kaya works with have an average income of $100USD per month, or about $3.25 a day. While the average wage in Bolivia is a little above $2 a day, that is challenging enough in rural areas but $3.25 a day is no livable wage in the city for families often of 5 or more. Many of the families we visited today have no formal jobs, instead relying on sparse jobs washing cars, washing dishes, or "guarding" cars.

Kaya Center

Today our team headed off to the Kaya Center. The Kaya Center was just full of energy, as the kids enjoyed their first day of winter vacation and many got to meet the team for the first time. The Kaya Center is a core part of the Kaya ministry. It's where the kids go before or after school and get help with homework, tutoring and time to play and psychosocial services. Today was filled with games, including little girls playing house with a doll, kids playing some new games we brought with us and anyone who could playing with Lyn's iPhone.


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