Our Day at the Kaya Homes

It's been a long day today, some might even feel like it was two! After our arrival and rest we headed up to the Kaya residential homes for lunch and activities this afternoon. The first surprise of the trip was that our lunch was prepared by Isreal. Isreal is a young man living in our independence program who has been with us for about 7 years and is studying to be a chef. He cooked Pique Macho for us today, which is a traditional Bolivian dish and it was fantastic! (Pique Macho is steak strips, hot dogs (yes, hot dogs), and sliced onions that are seasoned and cooked and then served on fried potatos with rice to the side.)

After lunch we spent the afternoon playing canchitas (foosball) and soccer outside. At 12,500 feet soccer can be a challenge but those who played from our group did fantastic. In just about all of Latin America soccer isn't just a sport, it's a social and gathering time and that was certainly the case today. As we rotated teams in and out the rest of the group talked, played, watched and just enjoyed the afternoon together.

By the time we were back to our hotel at 6 everyone was exhuasted. We shared in our devotional about our attitude of service for the week and spent time in prayer sharing our prayers of thanks. I think everyone today was struck with the "normality" of life at Kaya. What's most amazing is despite their past struggles and failures of ther families how quickly children can blossom in an atmosphere of love and care. Today what everyone witnessed was joy and hope coming out of struggles (check out what Paul says about this in Romans 5:3-5.) What we saw were children filled with hope, joy and trust. It's what happens when we return children to their childhood and give them a safe loving place to grow up.

Tomorrow we are off to church in the morning. Church here is 2 and half hours long, so no complaining if Larry's sermon is a little long tomorrow! (Although we have to confess, we won't be there full the full 2+ hours of church.) After church we will do some hiking and more time with the Kaya residential program boys.

Please continue to pray for the safety and health of our team. Acclimating to 12,000 feet with a bunch of activity and limited sleep isn't easy on the body. Pray that everyone acclimates well, stays healthy and stays safe.

Here are some pictures and videos for today. Even though it took forever to upload I had to include the soccer video so you could see our team at work. One note on pictures and videos. "Broadband" in Bolivia is much, much slower than in the US so I have to upload things at lower resolution. Sharing full resolution stuff would mean I'd probably be still waiting for the upload to finish when it was time to come home!

Pictures from Kaya Residential Homes (If you have trouble viewing the pictures by clicking on the thumbnails go to https://picasaweb.google.com/113596982964623615822/KayaDay1)

Team Bethany

One of our Kaya Boys in a short video.