MSG 2016 (Middle School Gathering)

Why did we go to the 2016 Middle School Gathering?

This is why . . .

  • But first, who is ‘We’? Tristan Peek, Abigail Adams, Clay Schultz, Danielle Witt and Jake Huss. We met up with our friend Alaina Schwedhelm too!
  • Other travel partners on this faith journey included Jon and Makenzie Kehoe, Pastor Gina Maria Koeberl, Valeria Adams, Trevor Shaw and Heather Witt.
  • How did we know what to do and where to go? Well, Wendi Grasso of course directed our path to a successful weekend!
  • This years’ theme was Open…and Invited. Acts 8:26-39
  • It was exciting to discuss two group devotions developed by our very own Jon Kehoe. Jon was part of the planning team. Check out Colossians 3:23-24 and Acts 8:26-40!
  • We had a community service project assembling flower pot centerpieces at Bickford Senior Living. The youth heard about memory care services.
  • One of our Bethany youth accepted communion for the first time ever!
  • Another youth shared how excited they were to be adopted by a loving and secure family by the end of this year.
  • Awesome Workshops!

o   Praying Together demonstrated the variety of prayers we can do and for who.

o   Welcoming the Stranger gave us an opportunity to hear from refugees from Iraq, Syria and other African countries. The best thing we can do is be nice and a friend. Be willing to hear their incredible stories. They are our new friends in communities everywhere.

o   Trusting Each Other taught the youth through a series of activities how they can trust each other and most importantly GOD in a variety of circumstances.

  • We had a special impromptu opportunity to pray with another youth who just learned his great-grandmother passed away. Prayers throughout the event were so sincere.
  • After a full day it was fun to wind down at the Lincoln YMCA for swimming, games and of course loads sugary snacks!
  • Bishop Brian Maas delivered a sermon during our closing service. We learned as confirmation students we are expected to ask questions. The most common question in Luther’s Small Catechism is, “What is this? Or What Does This Mean?”
  • Be sure to check out the photos on the Bethany Lutheran Youth Ministry Facebook page and of course talk to the youth who went! 

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