2015 Kaya Vision Trip Last Leg

Here we are. As we begin the last leg of our journey, one can't help but to reflect on all that we've experienced in the last week. Whether that be the places we saw, the people we met, or the messages we want to bring back to all our friends and family.

Ask anyone who went on this journey and there will undeniable continuity throughout that there was a definite theme for this mission trip. As was reported in the Tuesday blog, when we visited the girls' home, a Spanish version of 10,000 Reasons was on the CD that was playing. We sang in English while they sang in Spanish. It was an incredible moment as we all felt a spiritual connection bridging over the language barrier. 

But the story didn't end there.

Later that night some of the team went out to dinner and afterwards when they were walking back to the hotel, a band was playing close by. The song they happened to be playing at that moment?

10,000 Reasons.

While we were gone, a young girl from Blair passed away in a tragic car accident. I was invited to sing in a Blair High School alumni/student choir for her funeral. Among the three songs in the program was... You can probably guess it.
10,000 Reasons

Finally after arriving at our hotel in Miami around 9, we went out to eat for the last time as a team at a Japanese restaurant. We enjoyed each other's company and were having a good time. Suddenly, almost simultaneously, everyone froze. On the radio, at a Japanese restaurant, in Miami..
10,000 Reasons

As a team we all know that God is speaking to us, trying to tell us something. I myself cannot decifer the message for the whole team. Surely we all must have our own interpretation of what God is telling us. To me, 10,000 is only a number. We have an infinite amount of reasons to worship Him. 10,000 Reasons to give Him thanks when we wake up each morning. 10,000 Reasons to sing His praise; until the whole world hears. We are all missionaries of God, and it is our job to sing His song. Watch for God, he is always here with us.

As this journey comes to an end, we are all glad to be coming home. We are coming back with a purpose. We are ready to share with all who will listen.

And all God's people said amen!