Beliefs and Mission

In their book, Jesus Manifesto, Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola wrote, “Throughout his earthly life, there was only one place on the planet where Jesus was received with welcome. It was a tiny, obscure village called Bethany, the home of Jesus’ friends, Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. At Bethany Jesus found refuge, rest, love and peace. This is what Bethany symbolizes – a home for Jesus.”

This is the heritage of the name of our faith community – Bethany.  We celebrate this rich heritage in our logo which depicts Mary, Martha, and Lazarus gathered around Jesus.  We celebrate this heritage and seek to live it out through our Bethany Mission Statement – “Bethany is a community of Christ’s faithful followers gathering around Jesus to believe, belong and bless.”

The primary purpose of our lives is to “gather around Jesus.”  As we spend time with Jesus in worship, prayer, and daily devotion and meditation, our relationship with our Lord grows deeper and stronger.  This living relationship inspires and empowers us to “believe, belong, and bless.”

Bethany is a place where God’s people come to believe.  We believe in the Triune God – the Creator Father, Jesus the Son, our Savior, and the Holy Spirit, the living presence of God in our lives.

Bethany is a place where God’s people come to belong.  In this busy, impersonal world, we need a place where we know we belong.  Our goal is for the unconditional love of Jesus to permeate all we do at Bethany.  We want God’s people to experience a warm welcome, authentic care and genuine love in and through our faith community.

Jesus was truly blessed at Bethany.  Our vision is that Bethany Lutheran will continue to bless all who come here.  But in turn, through mission partnerships, Bethany is committed to reaching out to our community, nation, and world so that we can be a blessing to God’s people near and far in their time of need. 

Basic Beliefs

Bethany is a faith community of 2,000+ members and is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA).  The ELCA has approximately 10,000 congregations across the United States and nearly five million members.